Theron’s Blog: We All Make Mistakes In High School

We all know that times change and with that so does fashion. So some of these horrible senior photos are excusable, but there are some that left all of us on the show speechless. Who in […]

97.1 The Ticket–06/15/2011

061011 - old

Theron’s Blog: Damn You Technology

I know everyone loves to try to get their parents and grandparents the newest technology so they can attempt to be up with the times. But I think we are doing a disservice to them […]

97.1 The Ticket–06/10/2011


How Many Wieners Can Theron Eat?

Theron took on the challenge this morning to put as many wieners in his mouth at one time for your chance at Kid Rock tickets.

97.1 The Ticket–06/09/2011

060811 - Tattoo

Theron’s Blog: What Happens If Someone Changes Their Profile Photo

Talk about a bad idea! I am all for social media but this is a line I refuse to cross. Why would you want to tattoo 152 profile pictures on your arm? If I was […]


052611 - Tosh

Theron’s Blog: Tosh.O Does It Again

If you are not watching Tosh.O on Comedy Central you need to be! One of the segments of the show is called “Web Redemption” were he takes someone who has had a viral video that […]

97.1 The Ticket–05/26/2011

Theron’s Blog: Hawking Vs. Einstein Rap Battle

I ran across these videos on Friday and watched them over the weekend and couldn’t stop laughing. These epic rap battles are very well written.

97.1 The Ticket–05/23/2011

Theron’s Blog: Don’t Do It In The Park

A group of snowboarders were in a park and using some of the rails in the park to grind on.

97.1 The Ticket–05/16/2011


Theron’s Blog: A Look Inside The Ticket

Some people were curious as to what the studio looks like here at The Ticket. Here is a video of what the studio looks like and some of the fun photos on the walls. Follow […]

97.1 The Ticket–05/10/2011

042011 - Giants

Theron’s Blog: I Love The Beard

San Francisco Giants pitcher Brain Wilson joined Youtube sensation Keenan Cahill for a video of him lip syncing to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”. This kid’s videos have over 231 million views. Keenan hit the big time […]

97.1 The Ticket–04/20/2011

Man Yelling into a Phone - Isolated

Theron’s Blog: The Greatest Voicemail Ever

This has to be one of the funniest voicemails I have ever heard. A quick setup to the clip, A guy named Ryan gave his number to a very girl girl he meet one night […]

97.1 The Ticket–04/01/2011