Woman Accused Of Sexual Abuse For Twerking [VIDEO]How would you react if women started twerking on you at the gas station?
Guy Tries Boat Hopping To Get Closer To Twerking Girls And Fails Miserably [VIDEO]Two boats seemingly tied off to one another, one boat with twerking girls and the other with typical "bros."
Professional Twerker Makes Six FiguresShe does appear to have found a role outside of the classroom!
Is This Harmless Fun Or Too Sexy For School?One school made students sign a "no twerking" contract before a school dance.
Michigan Matters: Goodfellows And The All Ladies RoundtableThis week on Michigan Matters, host Carol Cain greets Pete Waldmeir and the all women roundtable of Denise Ilitch, Danialle Karmanos and Carol Goss.
The Best Twerking Video Ends With Stop, Drop And RollMy favorite move in the dance world is the sensation of 'twerking'.
Matt's Favorites: LTU Event, Twerk In The Dictionary, Spy Satellite Launched, And More
The Hottest Twerking On The Beach Are you sick of twerking (booty shaking/bouncing) videos yet?

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