Detroit Home Torn Down Months After Being Stripped By ArtistThe city is seeking a judge's order to make artist Ryan Mendoza pay for the demolition.
Artist Strips Facade Off Detroit Home, Leaves Blight BehindNeighbors argue that the blight left behind by the artist is worse than when the house was simply abandoned.
Detroit Could Get $21 Million More From US To Demolish Vacant HousesThe city is averaging about 100 demolitions each week.
Businessman Drops Plan To Buy Thousands Of Vacant Detroit HomesHerb Strather has dropped plans to buy 6,350 vacant houses and lots he earlier claimed in a tax foreclosure auction.
Detroit Neighbors Claim High Bidders Aren't Taking Care Of Properties Won At Auction"They want the house, but they don't want to take care of the outside, and they expect everyone else to."
Detroit To Sue 'Owner Of Every Single Abandoned House' In Fight Vs. BlightDetroit Mayor Mike Duggan is taking drastic measures in his effort to revitalize the bankrupt city.
Snyder: $100M In US Aid For Anti-Blight Demolition"As the abandoned properties come down, property values will go up, and crime will go down," the governor said.
Michigan Cities Await Word On Demolition FundsA decision on how much money each city will get is expected next week.
Mich. To Get $100M To Demolish Vacant HousesThe pilot program to address blight was approved Thursday by the U.S. Treasury Department, according to Gov. Rick Snyder.
Nonprofit Detroit Blight Authority To Clear Abandoned PropertiesAlong St. Aubin near Gratiot, there were numerous abandoned homes and opened basements. Now, this 10-block area is nearly completely vacant land
Plans Call For 600 Home Demolitions In FlintOfficials plan to demolish 600 vacant homes in Flint starting this week.
Volunteers Boarding Up Detroit Homes For SafetyHundreds of volunteers are expected to seal as many as 150 abandoned houses on Detroit's west side.

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