Young Adults

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Who Are The Uninsured In America?

Young adults 19-34 years of age represent the group most likely to be uninsured. More than three-quarters of uninsured Americans come from working families.


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Study: Significant Rise In Cigar Use Among Young Adults

A new study shows the use of cigars and cigarillos has significantly risen among young people, in part because of their appeal through lower prices and sweet flavors.

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Park West Foundation Helps Transition For Foster Teens

Help is available for young adults who are too old for foster care.

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Wayne State Study: Younger Stroke Victims Benefit From Early MRIs, Ambulance Ride

The American Stroke Association reports that stroke is the third leading cause of death and one of the top causes of disability in the United States. But, young adults showing signs of suffering a stroke are sometimes being misdiagnosed in hospital emergency rooms, preventing them from receiving early effective treatment that can prevent serious damage.