ZingBot 3000

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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 25 Recap: A Nice ZingBot 3000!?!?

You know what’s worse than sending home a big target in the Big Brother House? Having them sent to jury, to then find out they’ve got another shot at competing almost making the week you’ve […]


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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 27: Trash Talking Zings!

I was delighted to read that ZingBot3000 was returning to the Big Brother house! Where has GinaMarie been?


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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 24: Amanda Gets What She Wants

Well the conspiracy theory must be true because Amanda is safe once again!


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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 22: A New Twist Revealed

By Mark Drum @whoismarkdrum I was yelling at the TV hoping that Amanda would not get HOH and luckily she didn’t. Once again I predicted correctly about who would win the upcoming HOH. I even […]


Big Brother Santa Pandora's Box

Big Brother 14 Episode 23 Breakdown: Ian Reunites The Quack Pack

Pandora’s Box makes another surprising return and brings along another former houseguest to the house to bring unwanted joy, while Ian gets an actual week as HOH instead of a span of 30 min.

CBS 62–09/04/2012

ZingBot 3000

Big Brother 14 Episode 15 Breakdown: Return of ZingBot 3000

Last night’s episode brought back ZingBot 3000, from seasons 12 & 13 to give the new houseguests some new perspectives about themselves and, of course, some zings.

CBS 62–08/16/2012