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(credit: Jennie Miller/Detroit Zoo)

Detroit Zoo Names Warthog Piglets After ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters

Brace yourself … bad warthog puns are coming. Someone at the Detroit Zoo is a big “Game of Thrones” fan. Four of the five piglets born back in April have made their debut Wednesday in […]


(credit: Alana Hart/Detroit Zoo)

Tiny Adorable Pudu Fawn, Noni Debuts At Detroit Zoo

Combine the cuteness of a baby animal with one of the smallest deer and you’ve got a formula for many awwws. The Detroit Zoo welcomed its latest addition to a growing herd of southern pudu. Noni, a female, was born on March 25 and was the third birth in less than two years.


(credit: Patti Truesdell/Detroit Zoo)

Adorable Pudu Fawn Introduced At Detroit Zoo

The latest big thing at the Detroit Zoo is actually quite small. A female southern pudu – the smallest species of deer – was born May 20, 2013. The fawn is the fifth pudu born at the Zoo since the species was introduced in 2008.


Macaroni Penguin Chick – The two-week-old macaroni penguin chick is sheltered by foster dad Tubby in the Detroit Zoo’s Penguinarium.  (credit: Detroit Zoo)

Rare Twice-Hatched Macaroni Penguin Meets Its Parents

The Detroit Zoo celebrated the birth of a macaroni penguin chick on May 25 – and celebrated its rebirth the next day.

CBS 62–06/06/2013

Kangaroo Joey Isa and mom Charlotte

Kangaroo Joeys Abound At The Detroit Zoo This Summer

Tie me kangaroo down, sport! Six red kangaroo joeys including two females Sheila and Isa, will be hopping around the Australian Outback Adventure at the Detroit Zoo.


Adorable Baby Zoo Animals

Are you at work right now? Are you bored? Then why not check out a photo gallery of adorable baby zoo animals!

CBS Detroit–03/31/2011