Tale Of The Tape: Los Angeles Clippers Vs. Microsoft

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  • Value
    $2 billion.
    $350 billion.
  • Key Staff
    Blake Griffin and Chris Paul… and some guy from Duke (ugh, IKR). They probably have other players on the roster. The team did make the playoffs again this season, which is something. Though, to be fair, the Wizards made the playoffs this season too. Doc Rivers is a solid coach.
    Much of the old guard -- Bill Gates and those guys -- has retired into advisory roles. Can you blame them? Counting all that money is a full-time job in itself. Now they have an engineer running the place. My computer still works, so I'm guessing everything is okay up in Redmond. But one little virus could change all that.
  • Product
    The Clippers have played well in recent years with an influx of good young talent. They managed a 57-25 record this season, third best in the NBA. Playing in the second largest media market means the team gets a lot of local and national exposure. But people in LA love their Lakers almost as much as they love plastic surgery. The Clippers are still the other team.
    I think we can reasonably assume that computers are more than a passing fad. I don't have any concrete statistics handy, so let's just call it a hunch. Computers need software to run, and Microsoft makes Windows and Office, the dominant operating system and office system respectively. And let's not forget the Xbox, the single biggest time-waster on college campuses nationwide.
  • Outlook
    Things are looking up for the Clippers. All the right pieces are in place for a championship run in the very near future. The Spurs aging into Social Security should help. The team enjoyed some positive national attention for its reaction to the Donald Sterling comments. And the pending purchase just quadrupled its value and that of every NBA franchise.
    Sorry, I meant Outlook in the general sense, not in the email-sending, inbox-swelling, computer-crashing sense. Everybody seems to want a piece of Microsoft, but that's nothing new. Google has office computer software. Sony has a video-gaming system. And I need $50 to go drinking tonight (come on, you can spare it, you're worth $350 billion). Microsoft is holding its ground... for now.
It's a crazy world out there. Until recently, who would've guessed that a racist rant was actually a smart business move? Maybe this new business logic can be applied at Microsoft. Look at that, Steve, the Clippers purchase hasn't even happened and it's already paying dividends. You're really good at this business thing.

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