Test Feedback

<html xmlns=”” xml:lang=”en” lang=”EN”>
 <title>97-1 The Ticket Instant Feedback</title>
function construitxml()
 var requete;
 requete=”<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=\”\

xmlns:xsi=\”\” xmlns:xsd=\”\”><soap:body>”;
 requete = requete + “<PostIncomingMessage xmlns=\”NeoWinnersAgent\”>”;
 requete = requete + “<sStationName xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.sStationName.value;
 requete = requete + “</sStationName>”;
 requete = requete + “<sFromAddress xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.sFromAddress.value;
 requete = requete + “</sFromAddress>”;
 requete = requete + “<sTitle xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.sTitle.value;
 requete = requete + “</sTitle>”;
 requete = requete + “<SMessageText xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.SMessageText.value;
 requete = requete + “</SMessageText>”;
 requete = requete + “<sFirstName xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.sFirstName.value;
 requete = requete + “</sFirstName>”;
 requete = requete + “<iMessageType xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.iMessageType.value;
 requete = requete + “</iMessageType>”;
 requete = requete + “<bProcessed xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.bProcessed.value;
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 requete = requete + “<iIdShows xsd:type=\”xsd:string\”>”;
 requete = requete + document.valeur.iIdShows.value;
 requete = requete + “</iIdShows>”;
 requete = requete + “</PostIncomingMessage></soap:body><soap:Envelope>”;
<div id=”haut”>
                        <font face=”Tahoma”>

src=”” alt=”” width=”375″ height=”84″

 <div style=”width: 787; height: 650″>
    <div style=”width: 927; height: 156″>
                    <font face=”Tahoma”>
                         </font><a href=””><font face=”Tahoma” color=”#000080″

size=”4″><b>971 The Ticket Instant&nbsp;Feedback</b></font></a>
                    <p> <font face=”Tahoma”>
                    Call In : 248-539-9797 <br />
                    Ticket TEXT: 97136<br type=”_moz” /></font></p>
     <p><font face=”Tahoma”>Enter your name, city, and comment below and click

 <form name=”valeur” id=”valeur”
    <TD><INPUT type=”hidden” value=”CBSWXYT”  size=50 name=sStationName>
   <INPUT type=”hidden” value=”3″  size=50 name=iMessageType> 
    <INPUT type=”hidden” value=”0″  size=50 name=bProcessed>
    <INPUT type=”hidden” value=”0″  size=50 name=iIdShows>
 <td valign=”top” rowspan=”2″>
 <p><label for=’name-64′ class=’name’>Name (required)</label>
 <input type=’text’ name=sFirstName value=” class=’textbox’>
<p><label for=’email-64′ class=’email’>Email (required)</label>
<input size=43 name=SMessageText type=”text”>
<p><label for=’url-64′ class=’url’>Fone #</label>
<INPUT size=43 name=sFromAddress type=”text” maxlength=”14″>
  <textarea name=”sTitle” id=”message” rows=”8″ cols=”36″ maxlength=”256″ > </textarea>
<p class=’contact-submit’>
<input type=’submit’ value=’Submit »’ class=’pushbutton-wide’ onclick=”construitxml()”/>
 name=”xmlform” id=”xmlform”
 <input type=”hidden” value=””  name=”xml” id=”xml”>

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