Ask A Detroit Expert: Shopping For Home Decor On A Budget

July 22, 2014 7:00 AM

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Home decor can be an expensive concept with all of the materials and time and effort put into it. Saving money and cutting costs where possible is a must for Detroiters who are looking to get the best bang for their buck these days. Making your home feel like your custom creation is essential, though more often than not many end up spending a lot more than they had planned to in order to achieve their vision. To capture that unique look without breaking the bank, we talked to a Motown professional for some money-saving tips.
Andrea Lupo
Lupo Interiors
Rochester Hills, MI
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Andrea Lupo is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in Interior Design and is the owner and principal at Lupo Interiors, an interior design company located here in metro Detroit. She has been working in the field of interiors for 13 years, with a primary focus on residential kitchen and bath design, though she works on a wide range of projects from paint selection to whole-house remodels.


Sift through old and unwanted items that are taking over your space. Donate extra items to a great charity that will put them to good use or sell them for cash in your pocket. Simply cleaning up and organizing an existing space can help to see it in a fresh way.


Use what you’ve got. Try to think of the space in a new way by checking out websites or magazines that show similar room size or shape to get inspired. For example, place your main pieces against a new wall or pull them away from the walls altogether. Reorganize your decor or minimize it if needed. Arrange like items according to color into groupings for added interest.


Changing the overall color throughout a room or in an entire home will update a space with minimal investment and maximum impact. Be sure to include the ceiling and to not leave it basic white. A slight color change on the ceiling will help control the overall feel of the space. Paint a piece of furniture to give it a fresh new look.

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Go Big

Add or update artwork and decor with larger-scaled items. Many times, the artwork and accessories on walls, mantles or in arrangements are too small for the space. Consider larger pieces (and less of them) as they help anchor a space without a lot of fussy details. It’s also a great way to add personality and life to a space where it might have been lacking.

Hire A Designer

Many interior designers will work with clients on a consultation basis and give input as to specific ways to impact your space for an hour or two of their time. This is a minimal investment considering that prior to tackling a renovation, no matter the scale, they can help with organizing and planning. Once the plan is in place, a client can go at their own pace to invest in pieces as they are ready. For larger, more permanent changes to a space, the designer will help to educate the client on the products available that will be the best fit for what the client would like to invest. Designers typically partner with others in the industry and many times can extend a slight discount for products and services when purchased through them.

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