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September 7, 2011 8:51 AM


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Okay, I know that BlackBerry isn’t the hot topic of techies, but it’s still in a lot of pockets out there. Whether you’re stuck with your standard company issue or you just happen to think they rock — here are the best apps to download for your oldschool BlackBerry. Don’t forget to visit on your ‘berry.’ It’s optimized for viewing on mobile devices. By George Fox
Google Sync


Google Sync – Simplify Your Contacts And Calendar

Cost: Free!

This is the best thing since sliced bread! If you haven’t already — get a Google account. Google sync will keep your appointments and contacts up to date no matter whether you update them from your phone or the Web. Bonus! If you destroy your phone, your contacts will be safe and sound in your Google account.

Google Maps Screenshot

(credit: George Fox/WWJ-TV)

Google Maps – Avoid Traffic Congestion

Cost: Free!

Part of the Google Mobile suite of apps, Google Maps is useful for many reasons, but one of the best things about it is the realtime traffic layer. It only works on roads that are heavily traveled since the data relies on Google Maps users having their GPS on. Visit on your phone to get started.


(credit: BlackBerry App World)

Vlingo Plus – Convert Speech To Text

Cost:  $19.99

This one is a bit pricey so try the free version first. It will allow you to send text messages from speech. When you unlock the awesomeness of the full version you’ll be able to convert speech to email and paste speech anywhere. Set the left convenience key to this app, because you’ll use it all the time.

Google Reader

(credit: George Fox/WWJ-TV)

Google Reader – Lean And Mean Web Content

Cost: Free!

Okay, it’s not really an app. It’s a great way to read internet content on your phone. News junkies will rejoice! Just use your computer to plug in a couple of your favorite feeds at and then point your phone to the same address. One of the most useful features is being able to email feed entries when you want to share something or follow up on it later.


(credit: BlackBerry App World)

ScoreMobile – What’s The Score?

Cost: Free!

Check the score of the Tigers, Lions, Pistons or Redw Wings with this free app, but that’s not all! The coolest thing about it is the alerts feature. Customize the teams and frequency of notifications. For example, get a pop-up message when there’s a close game or scoring summaries at the end of quarters, periods, etc.


(credit: BlackBerry App World)

Flixter – Get The 411 On Movies

Cost: Free!

It’s super quick and loaded with all the movie information you could ask for! Find and buy movie tickets, view trailers and reviews. Search for your favorite theater and it will always be the default when you look for showtimes. In addition to box office, see what’s out on DVD and what’s coming soon.

Police Scanner App

(credit: BlackBerry App World)

Time Wasters

Police Scanner Radio

Cost: $2.99

Listen to local police, fire radio bands. These are audio feeds from real scanners operated by the company behind the app, Berobo. There are dozens of local scanners available. The directory is easy to navigate being broken down by counties. I’m listening to Western Wayne County police as I write this article.

Texas Hold'em Live

(credit: BlackBerry App World)

Texas Hold’Em King Live

Cost: Free!

You can play against the computer or online. The pace of the game is good and you won’t notice too many slowdowns. It also supports chat.

Honorable Mention


Cost: Free!

This one comes highly recommended from friends. Poynt will use GPS or tower positioning to find local places like restaurants and additional great info like movies showtimes and gas prices.


Cost: Free!

Who wouldn’t want to be the major of their favorite local establishment. With this app you can quickly check-in to places, attach a photo and “shout” about what’s going on there. The shout and picture can also be shared to Facebook as a status update.

TuneIn Radio

Cost: Free!

Listen to thousands of local and international radio stations. Plus it’s easy to find what you’re looking for through search or categories. The pro version allows pause and record of live radio streams.


Cost: Free!

Make restaurant reservations at nearly 14,000 restaurants.

Did we miss something? Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite BlackBerry apps.

George Fox is a WWJ-TV/CBS Detroit Web Producer and devoted BlackBerry user. (Curve 3G 9330)

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