Best Choirs In Detroit

November 25, 2013 7:00 AM


One of the sweetest sounds ears can hear is the sound of a well-rehearsed choir. Detroit is home to many of the best choirs in the nation, some of whom have the awards to prove it. The vocal groups can be seen performing across town at special events, theaters, churches, competitions and festivals. Some have scored record deals, with many releasing music that can be found on albums. One choir was propelled into the national spotlight when its group was featured in a commercial. Read on for the best of the best in Detroit.

Larry Callahan and Selected of God

Although you may not have heard of Selected of God by name, you have definitely seen this group before. Featured in the infamous Chrysler commercial announcing Detroit’s “comeback” as an industry heavyweight during the Superbowl, this choir is certainly one of the best in the state, if not nationwide. The 22-singer ensemble has been together for over 10 years and it has won a number of competitions including Verizon’s How Sweet the Sound competition. The choir’s lead, Larry Callahan, who was born inside a church, is now a pastor himself at Pastor of Praise Tabernacle Church in Detroit.

Rackham Symphony Choir

The Rackham Symphony Choir performs in a variety of musical styles, spanning from classical to contemporary. Witness an expansive array of singing which pulls from African rhythm, gospel, jazz and blues. This choir fuses together unexpected arrangements brought together adeptly under the artistic direction of Suzanne Mallare Acton, a lauded Chorus Master and conductor. The choir dates all the way back to 1949, making it Detroit’s oldest choir. The ensemble touts nearly 80 members, all volunteers, and all with excellent pipes.

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The Apostolic Church Sanctuary Choir

The Apostolic Church Sanctuary Choir is a renowned choir who has received countless accolades for its stunning renditions. Some include back to back People’s Choice awards at the 2010 and 2011 Verizon How Sweet the Sound gospel competition. The choir performs as part of the The Apostolic Church of Auburn Hills under the longstanding direction of Buffie Dumas. The vibrant performances keep the audience on its toes and inspire spontaneous toe-tapping and hand clapping.

Perfecting Praise

Perfecting Praise is the in-house choir at Perfecting Praise Church. Under the direction of Pastor Marvin L. Winans, the group has been featured on many albums and has been nominated for a Grammy award. The glorious songs of this talented choir can be heard at the Perfecting Praise Church in Detroit throughout the Sunday service.

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Deep River Choir

The Deep River Choir is a small community choir with a lot of heart. Be sure to catch this group around town at one of its many public performances. This choir has performed at many events throughout the region, including the Detroit Historical Museum, Belle Isle Conservatory and festivals, also performing at many different churches in the area. The Deep River Choir is based at the Boll Family YMCA and is continuously accepting new singers. Visitors are encouraged to watch the group as it performs under the direction of Bobbi Thompson.

Detroit Mass Choir

Detroit Mass Choir is a vibrant choir that performs at different events, and it is not rare that it performs to standing-room-only crowds. Featuring an energy that is amazing to hear and see, this choir inspires the crowd in attendance.

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