Best Daytime Bars

October 13, 2011 9:37 AM

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I have to say that the subject of drinking during the day is often blown out of proportion. Few of us actually are looking to revive Mickey Rourke’s role in Barfly, yet whenever one mentions heading out for a day drinking excursion, one can often receive looks of derision from colleagues. But, if one has the courage, Detroit can be very rewarding regarding fine places to sit and enjoy imbibing during daylight hours.
beach Best Daytime Bars


Beach Grill

24420 Jefferson Ave
Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080

What’s not to like about this legitimate paradise on the St. Clair Shores – amazing water views for those who choose to be on our spacious outdoor deck or indoors, and an outdoor Tiki bar that sits right along the water’s edge.

alleydeck Best Daytime Bars


The Alley Deck4120 Woodward Ave

Detroit, MI 48201

Where else in Detroit can you get a pizzeria, a dive bar, billiards, a concert venue (actually, 2), bowling, a high end restaurant, and a nothing less than spectacular 1/2 shaded patio with a full outdoor bar and a good view? The Alley Deck is located in the Majestic Comples and really is one of the coolest day spots in the city.

106669046 Best Daytime Bars

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Moose Winooski’s

38 S Main St
Clawson, MI 48017

Moose’s is a restaurant and bar that has a outdoorsy feel and laid-back vibe. Enjoy live weekend entertainment, daily food and drink specials and a daily toast at 8 p.m. in honor of friends and heroes.

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