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October 1, 2011 5:46 PM

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Music is alive and well in Detroit and musicians Alexander Zonjic, Marcus Belgrave, and others are keeping the beats going.
amp fiddler 2 Best Musicians In Detroit


Amp Fiddler

Joseph “Amp” Fiddler is a keyboardist, singer and songwriter based in Detroit. He is best known for his work with Enchantment. Fiddler has played also with Prince, Parliament and Funkadelic, among others and with newer artists like Corinne Bailey Rae and Maxwell.

alexander zonjic playing flute by john secoges Best Musicians In Detroit

(credit: John Secoges/

Alexander Zonjic

Alexander Zonjic is a multiple Detroit Music Awards winner and an internationally known and respected Jazz and Classical flutist. This native of Windsor is just as much a part of Detroit. He is the musical director of many area music festivals and the go-to guy for many charities looking for a good show for their fund raisers.

liz larin Best Musicians In Detroit


Liz Larin

Liz Larin has won numerous Detroit Music Awards. She is a local musician extraordinaire, getting kudos for her vocals and ability to amaze with the guitar, bass and keyboards.

marcus belgrave Best Musicians In Detroit


Marcus Belgrave

An original musician and collaborator with the legendary Ray Charles, Marcus Belgrave is a virtuoso trumpeter with many fans and a local legacy of teaching many students how to play their instrument. He is a professor of music at Oberlin University, in Oberlin, Ohio, and is the co-founder of the Jazz Studies Program at The Detroit Metro Arts Complex and the Jazz Development Workshop in Detroit.

tim bowman Best Musicians In Detroit


Tim Bowman

Tim Bowman is a local guitarist who worked his way up from playing in church, being the musical director for the Gospel group The Winans, to making hits and touring the world. Tim is still a Detroiter and can be seen playing many of the local festivals in the summer.

browndoor21 Best Musicians In Detroit



Nadir Omowale is a Rock, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and Jazz influenced guitarist in Detroit. He refuses to be pigeonholed to one style. And fans of different musical genres claim him as their own. Nadir is another multiple Detroit Music Awards winner, picking up a string of awards since 2005.

We know this list is by no means all inclusive since Detroit is one of the most densly talented cities in the world. Leave us a comment with the name of an artist for us to research for a future Best Of Detroit list.

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  • Hart Hollman

    You seem the have forgotten the “World Class” musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Example; Emmanuells Boisvert the concertmaster and world renown soloist, Robert deMaine the principal celist and world renown soloist. The list would keep on going for the members of the DSO are not just the best in Detroit but rank among the best in the world. You should give credit where credit is due!

    • gjfox

      Great suggestion Hart! The DSO musicians are certainly praise worthy. Sounds like the start of a new list. We do have a list for Best Community Orchestra In Detroit, but we’ll have to work on the downtown version and maybe something to highlight certain musicians.

  • Sterling Russell

    Please include Randy Scott in your “Best” list. Not only is he a wonderfully talented, soulful musician, but he is an artist who “breeds” musicians out of his band students at Birney Middle School. For years, I was treated to the most sould-stirring music across all genres at the annual music concerts there. Do yourself a favor: go listen to Jazz Band this spring. Wow!

  • Mike Walker

    Never, ever leave out Scott Morgan!

  • JorgeMSU

    Thanks for the heads up Sterling and Mike. Our Best Of lists are updated from time to time. I’ll pass this along to our researchers.

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