Best Toy Stores In Metro Detroit

May 6, 2014 8:00 AM

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Step away from the usual suspects and check out the amazing selection of unique toys available at local boutiques. Find toys that promote learning, others that foster creativity and more that encourage exploration and imagination. Get little minds brimming with wonder and excitement that can be found in a quality toy from any of these specialty toy shops around the Detroit Metro area.
Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop
3947 12 Mile Road
Berkley, MI 48072
(248) 543-3115

Visiting the Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop is a special event, a place where memories are made. This family-owned shop is the place to go to have a broken doll fixed up to look brand new again. The doll hospital has restored 250,000 dolls during the past 65 years. New dolls line the shelves, along with any related item you can possibly think of, including dollhouses and the must-have pieces of furniture necessary to decorate the residence in style. Browse through the extensive selection of puppets and marionettes that require kids to use their imagination. Scope out all sorts of games, puzzles, scientific sets and crafts. This unique store reminds parents of how important it is to just have fun and play. Don’t forget to explore the trampolines and outdoor playsets. The experts can help create an outdoor adventure perfect for the backyard.

Lexi’s Toy Box
328 S. Ashley St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 332-1101

Lexi’s Toy Box is jam-packed with everything needed to have the best day ever. Seemingly life-sized animals welcome visitors, while plush dolls extend a hello with their smiles. Unique wooden toys can be found around every curve while puppets patiently await discovery. Find some pieces to add to the dress-up box. Lexi’s Toy Box carries an array of costumes and accessories that will transform any kid into a pirate or fairytale princess. Added bonus: stock up on awesome apparel while shopping as Lexi’s Toy Box carries t-shirts and more.

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Genuine Toy Co.
550 Forest Ave.
Plymouth, MI 48170
(734) 414-9500

Genuine Toy Co. takes having fun seriously. The shop is packed to the brim with games, puzzles and crafts. Head to the dollhouse for some imaginative play with the tiny animals that live inside, or step over to the roadway tabletop, grab some wheels and pretend you are a race car driver. Tons of enriching activities, still heavy on the fun, can be found lining the shelves. Check out the science experiments kids will go gaga over, or tot-sized instruments a budding musician will love. And if that isn’t enough, there are all sorts of special events that take place at this toy shop. Take the kids to see their favorite musicians, furry friends to meet and more.

Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy Inc.
21714 Harper Ave.
Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080
(586) 771-6770

Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy Inc. is filled to the brim with toys and games the entire family will love. This family-owned shop features amazing science experiments, more model kits than you ever imagined, a wide range of arts and crafts and toys galore. Realistic stuffed animals line the shelves, and although there may be too many plush pets at home, taking home a stuffed animal is certainly better than leaving a shop with the real thing. Complimentary gift wrapping is also available.

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407 N. 5th Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48014
(734) 662-0022

Mudpuddles is a great place to explore and a wonderful spot to find the perfect toy that parents and kids will appreciate. Stacked on the shelves are dolls, riding toys, dollhouses and stuffed animals galore. This shop is also filled with books and bikes, and legos. Kids can start a miniature rock band with the huge assortment of instruments that can be found at this store.

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