Best Vet Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy In Detroit

April 6, 2012 6:10 AM

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Detroit dog owners face a variety of potential pet health hazards, including temperature extremes, wildlife and everyday canine contaminants that can cause health problems for pooches. Keeping a dog healthy doesn’t take extraordinary effort, however. Following a few basic guidelines and avoiding problems before they occur are key to canine wellness.

doghouse Best Vet Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy In Detroit

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Keep Your Dog Safe and Secure
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Most communities in the Detroit area have laws regarding dog containment, including leash laws, tethering restrictions or shelter requirements. At a bare minimum, dogs require shelter if they are staying outside, and they should be brought indoors during very hot or very cold days. Fenced yards are ideal, but when fencing isn’t an option, keep dogs on a leash or short-term tether. Especially here, they should never be allowed to go out on their own, even for a quick bathroom break. A safe collar with identification tags, combined with a microchip, provide the best odds of reuniting dog and owner in the event the dog is lost.

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doggrooming Best Vet Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy In Detroit

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Provide Routine Grooming and Veterinary Care
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Preventive health is just as important to dogs as it is to their people. Veterinarian Jamie Joswick suggests dog owners plan on annual vet visits for a wellness exam, which should include checking for parasites and administering any necessary vaccinations. Vets also offer advice on parasite control, such as monthly flea, tick or heartworm medications and vaccination schedules. Regular grooming sessions, including bathing, teeth cleaning and trimming nails, also provides a great, hands-on opportunity to evaluate dogs’ health.

dogwithvet Best Vet Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy In Detroit

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Spay or Neuter Your Pets
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Although it has become a controversial topic in the last few years, sterilization is still the preferred option for most dog owners. The decision to spay or neuter should be made on an individual basis, between the owner and veterinarian, taking into consideration the dog’s genetics, family history, environment, lifestyle and the owner’s ability to prevent unplanned pregnancy before the surgery is performed.

dogtraining Best Vet Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy In Detroit

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Socialize and Train Your Dog
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Proper socialization is one of the most important aspects of dog ownership. Contrary to popular belief, socialization does not end when the dog leaves the breeder, nor does training end after the class is over; both are life-long processes. Dogs should be exposed to a wide variety of sights, sounds and people on a regular basis. Noise phobias, especially to loud city noises, can cause extreme anxiety in dogs. Lack of socialization to people of all shapes and sizes can result in a fear of people, which in extreme circumstances may lead to fear biting. An untrained dog is difficult to control and will not be welcome in many places. The majority of dogs surrendered to shelters and rescues are untrained adolescents.

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Feed For Health
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Diet is the cornerstone of good health in dogs. A high-quality food and fresh, clean water can’t be beat in maintaining a healthy weight and preventing illnesses. In general, foods made with whole meats that have limited or no grains are healthiest for most dogs. Veterinarians and breeders can provide guidance to help owners choose a food that is appropriate for each dog’s breed, age and lifestyle.

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