Pat Sweeting Reporting
You’ve learned that the pain in your knees has a name: Osteoarthritis.  But, what do you do about it?
Weight loss and exercise will probably be the first recommendations from a health care specialist will. If the pain persists, an over-the-counter medication with Acetaminophen may help. Or, you may need a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory [or NSAID]. But, it’s important to note that these drugs — even though they’re sold over-the-counter — can increase your risk for problems like stomach bleeding or heart attack. So, definitely avoid the more-is-better approach used by some people who self-medicate.  Using the lowest dose possible to relieve your Osteoarthritis pain is recommended. 
If you prefer a treatment you don’t have to swallow, some skin creams provide temporary arthritis relief. Products containing the ingredient Capsaicin, for example, reportedly relieve mild pain.
If nothing seems to work, talk to a health care provider about prescription medications or alternative therapies like acupuncture or daily doses of glucosamine and condroitin supplements. If all else fails or damage resulting from your osteoarthritis is severe, surgery may be recommended.

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