Umpire Jim Joyce tells reporters that he blew a call at 1st base that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game. Listen to Jim Joyce after the jump.

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  1. Bob B says:

    Fire the UMP!!!!!!

  2. @mmeals says:

    Here’s my question. Everyone is on one side or the other of the “The Commish should award him a Perfect Game, and overturn the ruling on the field” debate. On one side, there is the whole “For the betterment of the game” clause that can be used. I, for one as an umpire in both baseball and softball, think this should happen. But many people seem to think I am wrong, that this would set a bad example for things to happen in the future. Ok, but let’s look at the state of games today. These same people (the national media) say this shouldn’t happen, yet they are the ones trying to take a Rookie of the Year Award away, and now, they are trying to take a Heisman Trophy away, and before long, you’ll hear cries that other teams should be given the National Championships that USC could have to vacate. Why the double standard now? Give the man his perfect game, expand the reply rules, and let’s get it right. Yeah, the Tigers won, which is the ultimate goal for a team, but the call needs to be right! And when the call is corrected, there is a perfecto there. Fix This!!!

    Oh, and for the record, I am an Indians and Reds fan, not a Tigers fan, FYI.


  3. JIM says:

    I agree that the comish should over rule the call. If it had been a close play, then maybe not, but it wasn’t even that close.

  4. Frank says:

    If you had asked me how I felt about Jim Joyce last night, I would have had some choice words, but this has totally changed my opinion about him. He is being a total class act, and taking all of this like a real man. No if’s and’s or but’s, he has taken responsibility for this, and that says a lot about him. I’m very impressed.

  5. Joe From MAcomb says:

    Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig issued the following statement regarding last night’s game in Detroit:
    “First, on behalf of Major League Baseball, I congratulate Armando Galarraga on a remarkable pitching performance. All of us who love the game appreciate the historic nature of his effort last night.

    “The dignity and class of the entire Detroit Tigers organization under such circumstances were truly admirable and embodied good sportsmanship of the highest order. Armando and Detroit manager Jim Leyland are to be commended for their handling of a very difficult situation. I also applaud the courage of umpire Jim Joyce to address this unfortunate situation honestly and directly. Jim’s candor illustrates why he has earned the respect of on-field personnel throughout his accomplished career in the Major Leagues since 1989.

    “As Jim Joyce said in his postgame comments, there is no dispute that last night’s game should have ended differently. While the human element has always been an integral part of baseball, it is vital that mistakes on the field be addressed. Given last night’s call and other recent events, I will examine our umpiring system, the expanded use of instant replay and all other related features. Before I announce any decisions, I will consult with all appropriate parties, including our two unions and the Special Committee for On-Field Matters, which consists of field managers, general managers, club owners and presidents.”

  6. Steve Dudzinski says:

    Its to bad Bud Selig couldn’t be a man and own up to a very huge mistate like Umpire Jim Joyce did. Selig could have revesed this injustice but he must not care whether calls are made right or wrong. He has hurt the integrity of Baseball by not making it right, and he has lost what very little respect I had left for him !

  7. John Smith says:

    What a class act!! As a former football official, I know what it feels like to miss a call. Joyce stood up and admitted his error and took it like a man. I’ve never known a sports official who has never missed a call. Unfortunately Joyce did it in a special situation where it made a huge difference. Had it not been a perfect game situation, no one would remember it – now everyone is talking about it.

    Jim Joyce, you did the best you could. You have admitted your error. Now it is time to hold your head high and get back on the horse that threw you. My best to you.

  8. J says:

    Jim Joyce for President.

  9. Baseball-loving Yid says:

    Jim Joyce’s voice sounds a lot like Kenny Powers’.

  10. Greg says:

    I respect Joyce for taking reponsiblity in his actions. I also respect Armando, he was a class act last night. hats off to him

  11. Dwight says:

    Who would of thought a mistake like this would renew my love for baseball. Everyone in and out of baseball should feel proud of the way these two baseball hero’s have acted. Mr Galarraga and Mr Joyce have exceeded anyone’s idea of style and grace. No cover up, no spin like the politicians use. Just a simple honest human mistake. A mistake owned up to as soon as it was known. What better example for kids to follow!!

  12. JB says:

    I agree, it’s a bad mistake the Ump was man enough to admit it to the whole world but most of all he went to the player and apologized. I think the biggest deal was the humanity that Armando G showed the Umpire, so I do not know why anyone on this earth is angry with the Ump if the man who threw the No Hitter/perfect game isn’t. Get a grip people geez!!!

  13. Leon says:

    I definitely think Selig should reverse the call, but if we’re talking about being historic here, Galarraga will be way more famous now than he would have been!

  14. Brown says:

    Joyce is The Man. Big ups. Mariano Rivera quote in support of him more text than I have seen from him in his entire career to this point. Human condition extends to all of us. Being man enough to own it does not. Never rooted for an ump before. Glad to this time.

  15. lucarize says:

    if you were that aware of what was going on then you should given the kid the benefit of the doubt, You just wanted to make a big call in a big spot and deep down you know it!

  16. Nate says:

    As for all you baseball purists, give me a reason why there should not be reviews allowed in MLB games? Just like any other sport, there are rules and guidelines for a review so it would not ruin the game, it would only help it. MLB needs to bring in reviews to keep stupid shit like this from happening. Yeah, Joyce admitted his wrong, and that’s admirable, but it still doesn’t erase what happened. With instant replay, we can make sure history isn’t ruined.

  17. Robert says:

    I feel for you Jim, you are a stand up guy for admitting your error, for what it’s worth it was very very close in real time.

    I hope MLB does whats right too.

  18. Jeff says:

    Jim Joyce has integrity and took responsibility as well as underlying the significance of his error. Galarraga pitched a perfect game and it shoud be recorded as a perfect game. The kid earned it. Ceertain mitigating circumstances such as this , where the outcome of the game was never in question, should be reviewed and accepted if not for the game, for the record.

  19. Bob says:

    Well call totally blew!!! But how can u not respect the class of firstly Armando, what a class act! Then secondly for this ump to do what he did and admit he “totally blew the call” on the last out of a perfect game. After seeing his reaction when Armando gave him the lineup card, tears in his eyes, means that he does care and does hurt! What balls to come out less than 12 hours later and take a spot behind home plate. Armando has the 21st Perfect Game and ALL Baseball fans know it.. Total class, and unfortunately, just as much class from an umpire that will go down in history. GREAT JOB Armando…..u have earned your spot in Detroiters hearts 4ever!!!

  20. amy says:

    Jim, everyone makes mistakes, the difference is you are in the public eye. I can only imagine how much you have beaten yourself up over this issue. I’m sure it is worse than what people are saying already. I applaud you for being a good man and stepping up and admitting your mistake. That is what makes a good roll model. It’s not how you fall it’s how you get back up that’s important.

  21. Mr Baseball says:

    Am I living in the twilight zone? He stepped up and admitted his mistake???? What other option is there to say I looked at the replay and yes he was safe??? He could have hid??? No he couldnt…there would be press at his house for the next 12 years if he didnt say anything!!! People make mistakes??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Its the last out of a perfect game…its the most important call you can possibly make in your life…you dont make that mistake at any cost especially when you are getting paid $200k a year just to make that call correctly. He would have been the 21st person in the history of MLB to pitch a perfect game…are you people crazy….he stepped up, takes a big man…He chose to make that call to show he is more important than a perfect game and blew the call…saying oops doesnt give Galarraga what he earned!

    1. John says:

      I agree with Mr. Baseball. That is the one call that you make sure you are in perfect position to make, and you make it correctly !! He must not have been paying attention, because he wasn’t in a good position, I don’t think he could see the runners foot, through Galarraga’s leg. Rreverse the call.

  22. Ric says:

    Years from now when folks look up the word “transparency” in relation to how it is overused in today’s political scene, they will see a picture of Jim Joyce, with tears in his eyes.
    I am in awe of this man.

  23. Judy Krzeszewski says:

    What a Gentleman Mr Joyce! You showed true guts by adimittimg your mistake,with such grace. Hats off to you and Galarraga. !!

  24. bb says:

    If you accidentally stab a person and he dies, the killer will be punished to some degree no matter how sorry he is. And in this case, I wonder how accidental he was.

  25. peggy says:

    the ump deserves credit for admitting he made a mistake, now the commissioner needs to correct it which he can do. Man up Selig and make the right choice.

  26. Chris L. says:

    Here are the arguments.
    • Argument #1
    Traditionalist believes that the “human element” is part of the game and you can’t change history. My answer to that is, were not in Kansas anymore Dorothy! This is 2010 and all major league sports including college football use some sort of replay system on close plays. If you want old school baseball then start crying about all the other changes they have made since the George Brett incident.

    • Argument #2
    Bud Selig should not overturn the call as this would set precedence and cause the change of multiple blown calls that could invariably change the output of those games. Guess what, you make a stipulation that from today going forward all games played, perfect games pitched or no hitters pitched where the outcome of a bad call determines the outcome of a game or has an historic value for the player, team or city then that play will be reviewed via replay.

    I want to preface my opinion with; you don’t make the above type of change without setting rules in how to apply it. People who say “it will open Pandora’s Box are correct if you don’t set the rule. Lets face it, I knew this was going to happen because Selig lacks the spine and mental fortitude to make that kind of decision, not to mention that he uses a bunch of old dinosaurs to help formulate his opinion rather than getting the opinion of those who actually use replay and how the lack of it affected them versus now since they have adopted the use of replay.

  27. Tom Chase says:

    Very classy! Mr Joyce, yes you did miss the call, but much more importantly you have manned up, and we here in Battle Creek forgive you! Continue to do your job to the best of your ability, and we all respect the difficult job all of you have! Take care Tom BC mich

  28. Sarah says:

    aw, you all need to leave him alone. everyone makes mistakes. every human has their flaws. no one should have to have his family or himself threatened for a mistake he clearly owned up too. He obviously feels horrible about what had happened and that probably wont go away and all this negative publicity isn’t helping.

  29. Patrick says:

    In my honest opinion, although this scenario was unfortunate, I don`t think the MLB should use replays for calls such as this because it takes the true and natural experience away from the game. I will admit though, the idea of the MLB Commissioner overturning the call would seem to be sensible because of the perfect game at stake.

  30. Davidbiz says:

    As a Brit, can someone explain this ridiculously bizarre thinking behind this game? If someone, an Umpire, Referee, whatever…is found to have made an incorrect call, why in God’s name does the Commissioner of Baseball risk the complete and utter destruction of all credibility in a sport, by refusing to correct a terrible injustice? Our entire civilized social system is based on guaranteeing justice…so how come this egotistical Selig chap thinks he’s above all that and therefore manages to bring about this absurd farce of an uproar where a simple correction of a wrong, would quieten everything down and bring the game back into a semblance of repute!? Selig….get over yourself and put the game you’re charged with promoting and protecting, above your own ego for once! The guy pitched a perfect game…whether you like it or not! Oh by the way…the world is flat! Well…there’s as much truth to that statement as there is to the assertion that the runner was safe!!!!

  31. Larry says:

    The bad guy in this is Bud Selig if he does not overturn it. There is absolutely no good reason for him not to. This ruling would change the lives of Galarraga and Joyce. I almost feel worse for Joyce than I do Galaragga.

  32. ross says:

    Wrong calls are part of the game and thats one of
    the reasons why its THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!

  33. Will says:

    Galarraga took it like a man. It is what it is. A great pitched game, that was blown by a bad call. You cant reverse it. That would only open Pandora’s box to all the other wrongs in Baseball..

  34. kevin says:

    Both Galarraga and Joyce are class acts. The amazing thing about all of this is that in spite of the fact that he lost a perfect game, the outcome was still perfect. No perfect game could ever beat the mountain of humanity and dignity that Galarraga and Joyce displayed.

  35. John says:

    Seeing where the game was, what was going on, even if it is a close call at 1st, why not just give it to him? I’ve seen calls that were obviously safe, and were called out in meaningless this one, just call him out and no one would have complained.

  36. steve wentz says:

    I have umpired college and HS baseball for some years and even at the HS level, when a perfect game boils down to the last batter, as an umpire you are looking for an out call. How this 21 year ML umpire blew this call is beyond bad, it is the worst call in ML baseball history. Even had the runner beat the throw by a hal…f step which he clearly did not as replay (and everyone else in the ballpark saw in real time) showed he was out by a half-step, this moron should have made an out call. He cost the pitcher a perfect game of which only 20 have ever been thrown. He also cost every fan and members of both teams and his fellow umpires a piece of baseball history because what was clearly a perfect game now goes in the books as simply one of thousands of one-hitters thrown by ML pitchers. As an umpire this was the most incredulously bad call I have ever seen.

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