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Are you a man over age 50? There are certain screening exams about which you should talk to your doctor.

Recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force suggest that if you’ve ever been a smoker and aged 65 to 75, you should talk to your physician about abdominal aortic aneurism screening.
Screening exams are also recommended for:

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• Depression — if you’ve been feeling blue or have lost interest in once pleasurable activities.
• Colorector Cancer
• Glaucoma
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Prostate Cancer
• High Cholesterol
• Heart Disease
• Hypertension:  Your blood pressure is considered high if it’s 140 over 90 or above.
• Blood pressure should be checked by a health care professional at least every two years.

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And don’t forget the HIV talk. Particularly if you’ve had sex with men, unprotected sex with multiple partners, have an STD, a sexual partner with HIV, one who injects drugs or if you’ve had a blood transfusion between 1978 and 1985.

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