Walsh College is accepting applications for the MBA and Master of Management degree programs that feature a new Health Services Administration specialization-concentration beginning this fall.

The Health Services Administration courses include health economics; health administration finance; health care policy, law and ethical issues; and quality assurance for health services.

The MBA specialization includes all four courses. The Master of Management concentration includes any three of the four courses.

Coursework may be completed entirely online.

The specialization and concentration are designed for professionals who work in the health services field or who aspire to work in the field, Sheila Ronis, Ph.D., director of the MBA/MM program at Walsh College, said.

“As our population continues to age and the health services industry continues to expand, the demand for health services administration expertise will increase,” she added.

Course availability and descriptions:

* Health Economics (Fall 2010 on-ground; Spring 2011 online). Economic perspective of the health services industry; review of basic microeconomics concepts and application to health services industry; demand for medical care and insurance; cost-benefit analysis; physician services, pharmaceutical, and long-term care industries.

* Health Administration Finance (Winter 2011 on-ground; Fall 2011 online). Health services financial management; basic accounting and finance concept review; health care organization financial environment; health care reimbursement introduction; cost containment strategies; revenue determination; capital project analysis; business ethics challenging financial managers.

* Health Care Policy, Law and Ethical Issues (Winter 2011 online). Basic legal and ethical issues as they impact the provider and recipient of health care. The U.S. health care delivery system, legal and ethical issues related to accreditation, licensure, and medical fraud.

* Quality Assurance for Health Services (Fall 2010 online). QA theories and methods are applied to the quality of health services, with focus on the client, systems and processes, measurement, and teamwork. The Model for Improvement framework guides all QA learning and activities.

To apply, visit www.walshcollege.edu/healthservicesadmin.

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  1. Constance Molitor says:

    Don’t have an MBA but would like you to keep me in mind for any admin/clerical or receptionist position that might open up.
    Worked at GM for 22 years as an administrative assistant/facilities coordinator. Have references

    Thanks, Constance Molitor 586-413-7155

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