The city of Troy is taking a tougher stand on distracted driving.

The Oakland Press reports city council members this week approved an ordinance prohibits drivers from “eating, writing, performing personal hygiene/grooming, physical interaction with pets, passengers or unsecured cargo, any of which is done in a manner than prohibits the driver from maintaining direct physical control of the motor vehicle steering mechanism with at least one hand that is free of all other objects and used entirely to form a controlled grip on the steering mechanism.”

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The new ordinance also restricts holding a phone while speaking into or listening to it.

City officials say the new ordinance was put in to place to clarify the state’s new texting while driving ban.

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“I’m all in favor of it,” one WWJ listener commented. “Too many distracted drivers out there, too many people running red lights.”

Another person said “I think it’s the greatest thing ever and every city should have that law.”

The new ordinance goes into effect July 29th.

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