Coffee lovers throughout the Midwest have a new tool for sizing up their drink orders this summer in the form of a mobile phone-optimized Web site from East Lansing-based Biggby Coffee.

The new site allows customers to compare nutritional information for “regular” and “reduced calorie” varieties of the retailer’s signature drinks from the palm of their hand. The menu function can be viewed anytime, anywhere by mobile phone users visiting

The entire Biggby Coffee menu — from sweet and creamy favorites like the Butter Bear or Caramel Marvel, to frozen lattes like the Frozen Nutty Buddy and cold smoothie favorites like the Orange Creme Freeze — can be made in reduced calorie versions.

Customers who opt for reduced calorie varieties often cut calories and fat by 30 to 50 percent, with little or no sacrifice in flavor.

“It’s all about choice for us,” said Bob Fish, founder and CEO of Biggby Coffee. “A lot of our customers might take a regular Teddy Bear in the morning, but the afternoon creme freeze is a reduced calorie version so they can balance the day’s calories a little better. We simply want to make it even easier for Biggby Coffee customers to know what choices they have, and that’s a good thing for everyone, regardless of whether you’re on a calorie or sugar-restrictive diet or not.”

Biggby Coffee plans to add additional features to its mobile-optimized Web site in the future, including frequency program and E-ward integration.

Biggby Coffee now has 108 stores across six states — Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

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