Another case of Legionnaires’ disease has been reported in Southeast Michigan.

Health officials now say a third person has been diagnosed following a bacterial outbreak that affected at least 31 people at Selfridge National Guard Base in Harrison Township. 

The latest case involves a civilian employee at Warren-based TACOM, one of the Army’s largest weapons developers.  At least one person — a member of the Michigan National Guard — is still in the hospital after being diagnosed with the disease. 

Two buildings, where officials believe the rare bacteria originated, were closed for sanitizing.

Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia. The sometimes deadly disease takes its name from an outbreak at the Pennsylvania American Legion convention in Philadelphia in 1976.

An investigation is ongoing.

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  1. Rich Adler says:

    This morning (ca. 7:00 AM news), one of the reporters described a third case of Legionnaire’s Disease at the Selfridge base. It’s a minor point, but one we repeatedly try to correct among our science students: The term “bacteria” is plural, not singular. The reporter’s phrase “the bacteria is” should be the bacteria “are.”

  2. bruce sunderland says:

    Any fire sprinkler system or Air conditioning system which is shut down and charged with city water which is about 50 psi can harbor this bacteria. When restarted if the system which operates at much higher pressure can leak back into city water if not 100% isolated and a valve leaks. The victims could thus drink the bacteria even from a drinking fountain.

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