Thanks, but no thanks.  That’s apparently what Governor Jennifer Granholm is saying to the idea of becoming the president of Wayne State University when her term is over. 

WSU Board member Debbie Dingell said Friday that Granholm has said she’s not interested in the job.  Granholm has been listed as a possible replacement for Jay Noren, who’s retiring to be closer to his wife, who lives in Illinois.

The board still has to set up a search committee to look for a successor.

Rumors were flying Friday morning, after Wayne State University Board of Governors Chair Richard Bernstein had told the Detroit Free Press Granholm would make a “fabulous choice.”

Former Michigan Congressman David Bonior also has been mentioned as a possible candidate.

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  1. McLaugh;inJim says:

    As a retired WSU accountant, I’m dismayed that WSU is paying Noren and extra $247,000 plus a guarenteed $150,000 when/if he comes back and teaches. He resigned! Rumor has it he was fired, but the report published said resigned. Therefore, no additional money, period. He is an MD, and can always find a job. He got big bucks after two years, I got pizza after 33 years. As far as Jenny is concerned, WSU has done worse. I’m not a fan, but at least she lives here. Her biggest negative is she is a lawyer. Also, the next time WSU calls for a donation, they caller is going to get an earful.

    1. craigbhodges says:

      she ruined Michigan, now let her ruin a fine academic institution

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