A Macomb County city is considering a smoking ban at a beach in one of its parks. New Baltimore City Councilman Dave Duffy brought the issue up at a recent meeting, saying too many people were using the beach as an “ashtray.”

Duffy says he’s not against lighting up – his problem is over how the smokes are being discarded.

“They can smoke. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s just that it’s, you know, compromising people’s health, I guess, for lack of a better term, in regards to stepping on something that can be hot and burning a foot,” he said.

Duffy tells WWJ that there are cigarette receptacles present, but they aren’t always effective. “They aren’t being used by many people…I saw them used by some,” Duffy said.

New Baltimore officials are looking into the legality of banning smoking in city parks.

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  1. Marsha says:

    It would be nice if more public recreation areas banned smoking since so many smokers use our beautiful landscapes as their personal ashtray with no consideration for the environment or other people.

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