Bed bugs are becoming a huge problem here in Michigan but one local company has a secret weapon in the fight against those creepy crawlers.

Oakland County based Bedbug K9 Detectives uses a dog named “Addie” to sniff out the insects.

Maureen Abott is the owner and explains how the dog gets the job done…”We’ll do a walk through the home, following a special search pattern, and when Addie detects a bed bug, she scratches. And that’s how I know there’s a bed bug. I have to watch her and she looks to me for guidance.”

Maureen says her company gets calls from other pest control companies who need her help to eradicate the bed bugs when their methods don’t work. 

She says “Addie” is 97% accurate in locating bed bugs.

For more info click on www.bedbugk9.net.

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