CTS Coupe

Let’s start with a quick walk around of the Cadillac CTS Coupe

Remember this is just a “first impression” not a full review, which I’ve tentatively scheduled for September 17th.

Please share your thoughts with me by posting them at the bottom, or–if you want to keep it private–email me at jdgilbert@cbs.com.

I also have first impressions of the F-350 and Honda CRZ on previous blogs. The CRZ Review is to be run on Friday.

Coming soon, the new Jaguar XJ.

The Coming Week

This is going to be a busy week, but you may not hear all of the fruits of that labor on the air until next month sometime.

We have a lot of interesting feature stories that we’re working on, including some interesting new technologies that we get a look at this week.

We do plan to visit a GM celebration of the heratige of the Chevy Suburban, and our story on people who “sniff” out problems in cars may run this week.

We’re also test driving a number of vehicles. Watch this space for some first impressions, and our final review on the Honda CRZ should be on the radio Friday.

Then there’s the stuff that just “comes up,” and in this business, there’s a lot of that.


Bill Ford

Thanks to everybody who joined us for our Dream Cruise Business Breakfast.

I got a lot of positive feedback. Bill Ford even mentioned that he had a good time.

You’ll find some photos and the full audio of the event on this web site. Video highlights are coming soon.


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