Jasper Alternate Fuels, a division of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, has signed an agreement with New Hudson-based Icom North America to install and service Icom’s patented JTG propane liquid-injection fuel system on commercial fleet vehicles in North America.

Based in Jasper, Ind., Jasper Alternate Fuels expects to sell more than 5,000 Icom JTG systems during the first three years of the Icom National Master Distributor program.

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“Jasper has more than 40 highly-skilled installation centers across the U.S. to perform either liquid propane gas or compressed natural gas conversions on commercial vehicles,” said Ed Zoglman, Jasper Alternate Fuels division manager.

He said Icom’s liquid-injection systems can be installed on virtually any gasoline vehicle with multi-point injection, providing lower emissions and significant improvements in fuel economy (because of the lower cost of propane), drivability and overall performance.

Icom’s unique JTG system is currently in service on more than 100,000 vehicles around the world in a bi-fuel (gasoline-propane) version. In the United States, more than 5,000 vehicles now operate exclusively on propane using a “mono-fuel” version of Icom’s system.

Icom North America is the U.S. affiliate of Italy’s Icom S.p.A., a pioneer in the development and manufacture of liquid-propane gas-conversion systems and tanks for commercial and consumer vehicle applications.

Zoglman, of Jasper Alternate Fuels, noted that Icom also is working to obtain Environmental Protection Agency and eventually California Air Resources Board certification to convert engines popular with fleets to bi-fuel use (propane and gasoline).

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“Jasper Alternate Fuels is well-respected throughout the propane industry as a leading conversion source for propane and CNG powered engines,” said Ralph Perpetuini, CEO of Icom North America. “As interest in propane as an alternative fuel continues to grow, it will lead to increased business for both of our companies and enable the further expansion of the propane vehicle industry in the USA.”

Albert Venezio, Chairman of Icom North America, added “Jasper’s contract with Icom is ideal for the energetic expansion of clean burning propane vehicles as Jasper has a very strong national distribution and a well-trained professional installation network. Jasper is a true ‘green’ company that will enable fleets across the USA to seamlessly move to a domestic and clean alternative fuel source which will increase national security,” he noted.

Jasper Alternate Fuels’ division manager Zoglman said Icom’s bi-fuel system is ideally suited for fleet vehicles, especially high-mileage commercial vehicles.

“Icom’s bi-fuel system allows owners to operate their vehicles in either a gasoline-only or a propane-only mode without affecting normal driving,” Zoglman pointed out. “Installation is non-invasive and the engine’s original computer serves as the main system controller, a feature fleet managers like to see with an aftermarket alternative fuel system.”

More at www.jasperengines.com/alternate-fuel.php or www.icomnorthamerica.com.

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