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Three medical marijuana facilities in Ferndale and Waterford were raided Wednesday night by area police agencies and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. Fifteen arrests were made in connection with the raid.

Sheriff Micheal Bouchard says they confiscated $750,000 worth of majijuana, but that’s not all.

“In addition there were other drugs that were encountered, hand-to-hand transactions in the streets outside of these facilities, numerous guns were confiscated,” said Bouchard.

The Clinical Relief Center on Hilton in Ferndale and Everybody’s Cafe in Waterford were raided.

Bouchard says the facilities were operating outside the voter passed medical marijuana law, and in some cases sold the weed without asking for a doctor’s referral.

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with Nick Agro, co-owner of the Ferndale facility.

“One of the patients that was handcuffed and thrown down on the floor was my mother, who was a 28-year veteran of the Lake Orion police department. And, while sitting there with police, one of the police officers said that this came down from the State’s attorney general office,” Agro said.

“They [police officers] took medical records, they violated patients’ rights. It’s very clear in the state statute that no patient or care-giver is to be arrested. Every individual that was in that place [the clinic] was either a patient or a care-giver, and Oakland County has taken charge and arrested those individuals,” he said.

A spokesman for Attorney General Mike Cox said later Thursday that his office did not order the raids.

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Comments (18)
  1. JC says:

    3,008,980 out of 4,801,850 Michigan residents voted in favor of medical marijuana, yet this is how our local law enforcement is going to react.

    Michigan votes, and Mike Cox decides!?

    These officers didn’t simply come in and serve warrants, they came in with ski masks and automatic weapons drawn. The went to the personal homes of family members of the dispensary owners with their ski masks and automatic weapons drawn, even threatening to shoot family pets!

    I am a life long republican and disgusted with the likes of Mike Cox, and Mike Bouchard, and any politician, judge, or law enforcement official that decides that they have the power to MAKE laws instead of enforcing them. Shame on you Mike Cox, and Shame on you too Mike Bouchard! Thank God neither of you will be our next Governor and let’s look forward to the day when you both are out of your positions as you obviously don’t support the people that elected you!

    We don’t need these types public officials who refuse to act in step with their constituents and those that elected them. What gives them the right?

    1. Skip says:

      Maybe the economy will get so bad they’ll have to lay-off more government personnel. It is painfully obvious that Bouchard doesn’t like his current job as he ran for Senate and recently Governor. We need to make it crystal clear to voters in HIS next election that he not be able to keep HIS job. Both of these “Mike’s” need to have numerous civil lawsuits to tie up their time until they are out of office. The people that were arrested aren’t hurting anybody – they are helping the sick and dying – ME!

    2. T says:

      I’m proud of you for speaking up. It’s nice to see a republican who speaks out against this injustice. I’ve been reading blogs and comments today regarding this topic, and many of the commenters were either democrates, or republicans calling medicinal marijuana supporters ‘pot-heads’.
      Your post is refreshing.

  2. Kwame says:

    Well put JC. I’m going to get a sign in my yard against Bouchard. I hope there is a big lawsuit to end this stupidity.

    1. T says:

      That sign in the yard is a great idea. I just had a flash of doing that myself. Then I pictured them raiding my house because my name is a patient with the clinic (the one that was raided), and harrasssing my family. I know this is probably far fetched, but then again…people suffer horrible ordeals at the hands of the ‘law’. Being a patient that requires medicinal every day (or else life is pure hell), I would be terrified to be arrested.

  3. Chris says:

    Great Point JC! I can’t wait to hear what these “servers and protectors” are going to say about these raids. I knew this was going to happen, and suprised that I have not heard about more raids thanks for wasting our money Cox/Bouchard, and nice advertising your name on the side of your Oakland County anti pot helicopter, more wasted taxpayer money.

  4. Non-smoker says:

    That’s just not right. The Oakland Co. Sheriff needs to tell us who ordered these raids. Wow judge and jury with guns drawn… police make me laugh. A bigger gun does not equal a bigger….

  5. bob says:

    I’m not an advocate of medical marijuana but as lon as it is legal they they better have a good reason for the raids especially the confiscation of medical records. I see a flood of lawsuits coming!!

  6. Craig says:

    Cox and Bouchard should test some of the “medicine”…then things like this would not occur. Cox is going to have bigger problems when all the “Monogian Party” details come out. In the meantime he violates MI law …no surprise.

  7. gino says:

    you knew this was going to happen, I am so sick of politicians that are unable to do their job instaed of just feeding off the public. Get your act together folks, especially Bouchard! You cannot do much it seems to fight real crime so you look to bust the people that are trying to do things by the law…. problem is the laws are written soo poorly no one can tell me what is legal or not. Screw the Feds…. Those socialists in in charge Washington scare me more than Hitler.

  8. AF says:

    Don’t these guys listen or respect what our President/Federal government stated about NOT making cases like these a priority? I guess well over three million Michigan voters are wrong and so is our President. In other news that won’t make the papers, these idiots failed again and recently allowed the release of the woman convicted of brutally murdering my wife’s grandfather (a Lutheran priest). Again, let’s let convicted murders like Stacey Barker free on parole so we can fill up the jails and prisons with non-violent offenders. Meanwhile, my mother was recently diagnoised with MS and can’t legally use the drugs that will ease her pain and suffering. $%^#&!

  9. repguy says:

    Probably just a warm-up run, Before the attack on the second amendment.

  10. ferndalian says:

    Get that crooked weasel Cox out of our government. He’s mad the voters saw him for the slimeball he is in the primary, and has no respect for the fact that Michigan voters loudly declared their support for this.

  11. molly says:

    Um, I thought this was legal now? And taking patient records? That’s clearly a violation.

  12. ME777 says:

    Well thanks Oakland County. I Have my card and I am my own caregiver. I also a caregiver for 1 patient. I just started growing. So I do not have anything for my patient or myself for a few month. The Medical Marijuana Clinics help my patient and I get by for the time. Now that Oakland county is shutting these places down. I am being forced to buy from a drug dealer. SO I have to risk mylife and posible jail time. When I could have gone to a safe legal place. This is what they creating. They do not want the drug world cleaned up. Otherwise they be out of a job. This state could make money from taxes and control the sale and keep most of it of the streets. But they rather have the drug dealers and the violence on the street. Now if these place are doing wrong they shuold be shut down. But now the way this was handled. Face it Oakland County, the people of Michigan voted for this, plus the cities are now voting for it. You should be busting drunk drivers and all the adults who buy for kids.

  13. critical patient says:

    It’s a lie. I am a medical marijuana patient. I know the owners of the cafe. no one, and I mean no one, was allowed in the cafe during club hours without a medical card. PERIOD! The owners are kind caring people there to help patients from Quadraplegics to crohns sufferers. It’s obvious the sherriff can’t catch real criminals, like meth dealers, so he raids what is basically a medical clinic. he steals my medical records and has spit in the face of the voters. Another set of politicians that do their own will, instead of the peoples. how long are we going to tolorate this communism?

  14. Jimmy says:

    No its not a lie, I am a democrat and a card holder. This has gotten out of control. The need to get rid of the medical marijuana and just turn it into the pill form or make them state run clincs. I am tired of feeling like im going to get jumped or shot when I leave my clinic with my dope. There already is a pill form, just get a prescription and have the Walmarts and such stock a hefty supply.

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