WWJ-AM’s legendary weathercaster and Hall of Fame broadcaster Sonny Eliot has announced his retirement from broadcasting. Eliot, who has been making Detroiters smile about the weather for years, debuted on CBS RADIO’s all news radio station WWJ Newsradio 950 in 1950.

CLICK HERE to watch Sonny do his final broadcast.

  1. Denise says:

    They don’t make em like that anymore :)

  2. cabri says:

    I’ll miss him a lot! He’s been a part of my life since we got our first TV in the early ’60s. Good luck, Sonny! Enjoy all that free time!

  3. Jon says:

    Sonny: JOB WELL DONE!!!

  4. Onaroll says:

    Thanks for sticking around as long as you did Sonny! We all love you and hope you really enjoy the rest of it. Yup, you’ll be missed buddy.

  5. PETE says:

    There has never been or never will be a better weatherman than Sonny! The broadcast on TV in my opinion have not been as accurate as they were with Sonny and his chaukboard! Thank
    You Sonny for all you have done for Detroit! All the best!

  6. Ted Carls says:

    Thanks Sonny!!!!!!!!

  7. Peaches says:

    Love you, Sonny! I will miss you like crazy. Enjoy retirement!

  8. Greg says:

    Thank you Sonny for your TV show “at the Zoo.”

  9. Perry Perrault says:

    Sonny Eliott is the best weatherman I’ve ever seen or heard. His hilarious weather updates will be missed by all his fans. I’ll always remember him as a man of the people. I saw him in a parade in Ann Arbor during my long haired college days and I ran up and shook his hand! He took it all in stride with his exuberant smile. What a great guy & a marvelous weatherman, providing us with weather reports over the years exac-tic-al-ly as they should be delivered. God Bless You, Sonny!!!

  10. doug vanhulle says:

    i met him once. at his condo in the late 50″s i was solicitating the detroit free press and i got his subscription. he was great, and so very polite and kind. i’ll never forget him. i wish someone in flint would pick up his style

  11. O says:

    Sonny Eliot is and ALWAYs will be the best weatherman in Detroit I will miss his crazy weather forecasts and had the pleasure of meeting him LONG LIVE SONNY!

  12. Kate Rabe Forgach says:

    Sonny makes Detroit’s weather bearable. Snog, clilly and all. All Michiganders felt they knew Sonny personally and he was their friend. That’s a rare gift and one that will be missed.

    Happy retirement, Sonny! And beautiful video tribute, WWJ.

  13. Terry says:

    Living far from Michigan now. But always look forward to dialing 950 to catch your forecasts and to hear a welcomed voice. Sonny, you’ve done good and you deserve to leave on your own terms. CBS had better give you one very big send off because you’ve more than earned it. God bless you and the family on your new adventure. But don’t be a stranger.

  14. Richard Citron says:

    Sonny Eliot has brightened the lives of millions of us for over half a century on an almost daily basis! Who else in our lives can match that? More than a just a broadcaster, he has been every Detroiter’s friend … every Detroiter’s funny friend … for generations. Safe travels, my friend.

  15. Roy A Steacy Sr. says:

    Thanks for the memories Sonny, and don’t be a stranger

  16. Tommy B says:

    I have been lucky enough to be around for 60 of those broadcast years. Best of luck Sonny! I got to meet Sonny once and he is the real deal…warm, sunny and blue skies all rolled into one of the greatest ambassadors of Detroit.
    You have always been ‘Sonny’ skies in our lives here in Detroit. God Bless.

  17. Norbert Fronczak says:

    The weather will never be the same without Sonny’s sunny disposition in his forecasts.I grew up watching Sonny on the old WWJ-TV along with his big chunk of white chalk, Sol the friendly sun, and all those jokes about the little towns around the state. I continued to listen to him on the radio on the way home from work and no matter how rotten a day I had and foul mood I was in, I always broke into a broad smile and chuckling before I got home after enjoying Sonny’s weather.
    You will be sorely missed!

  18. Ray says:

    Mr. Elliot, Please enjoy your new days not news days with the Mrs.I will miss your humer on WWJ. Thanks for the memmories

  19. Kim says:

    He’s such an icon. I’ll miss him

  20. Pamela says:

    I enjoyed watching Sonny. I loved his combanation words and the “squeek” he did with the UP. It was a great pleasure watching and listening to you. You are one of a kind. ENJOY your retirement Sonny. You are the best.

  21. Nancy B. says:

    But Sonny, you haven’t finished the job yet.

  22. Bob Ignash says:

    Best of luck to you Sonny. Thanks you for many years of entertainment and for being a roll model for kindness and caring. May love and happiness be with you forever

  23. Ken says:

    Thanks Sonny!!!! For At the Zoo giving the key to city to Santa with Jerry Cavanagh and arol after the prarde. A for EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! IT will always be a SONNY day in the D.

  24. PAUL says:

    One thing that almost no station picked up on was that Sonny is enshrined in the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame. He also made Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.

    I was in the Kalamazoo area today, and I visited the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame at the Air Zoo. I paid my honors by specifically seeking out Sonny’s plaque and saluting him for a job well done.

    Best wishes on your retirement, Colonel Marvin Eliot.

  25. Gary b. says:

    Sony…I am 51 years old, and I remember first hearing you in the radio while sitting the steps on my grandma’s farm in Hudson, Michigan, that was 1966. You could have just read the news and been a massive bore…but you chose to make everyone’s day sunnier and brighter by being sonnier. (get it? Exacatacally) Became such a big fan of yours that when I would be my brother at ANY game, be it pool, basketball, cards, I closed the defeat with one word…Exacatacally! I can remember having bad days, sitting in a car on a dreary day after work and you your upbeat manor always made me and other better for it. We love you and will miss you Sonny, but most important, you will never be forgotten and always remembered and treasured. Thanks for the alst 46 years Sonny! You are one of a kind!

  26. Paul says:

    Can’t tell you enough how many times I have a “laughing-alone-like-what’s-going-on” I did in my car listening to you at 950 AM. So “what do mother-in-laws and tomatoe seeds have in common? Tomatoe seeds, oh you don’t really need ’em but they come with the tomatoe.” Enjoy your retirement and love those tomatoes.

  27. John Doe says:

    Best Wishes Sonny.

  28. Ahmad Sabri says:

    Make God bless your heart and give you the best retirment and joy as much as you gave all of us..

  29. Val says:

    Sonny is THE ONLY WEATHERMAN. He even taught me to count in different languages with his temperature reports.I’ll miss you Sonny. Stay well and enjoy your retirement.

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