Sonny Eliot signs off!

  1. Linda Sch;ultz says:

    Congrats and good wishes coming your way Sonny. Thanks for all the nuggets of knowledge and tidbits of info, along with the quips,quotes and smiles you have given alll of us over the years. Linda Schultz, Howell, Michigan

  2. ws bill boyce says:

    Sonny is one super guy, His wife has been sick for years and Sonny has tended to to her needs with affection and love for many
    years.We hate to see him go -if he must, good buy and good luck
    to you Sonny. We all shall miss your steady heart and hand.
    If one day you see your brother Leo say hello to him from his extended family.
    Best Regards, Bill Boyce

  3. TOM says:

    Sonny will be missed by anyone who grew up listening to him. I loved Sonny Eliot because I never remembered the weather reports he gave…only the jokes.

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