A sharp increase in gas prices at the pump this weekend is due to an oil spill that’s affecting much of the midwest.

A part of an Enbridge pipeline near Romeoville, Illinois broke on Thursday causing the spill. 

This is the second time we’ve had a leak with the Enbridge pipeline.  The Environmental Protection Agency is still trying to clean up the first spill that caused major damage to the Kalamazoo River in late July.

In addition to Illinois, this pipeline services Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio.

AAA of Michigan spokeswoman Nancy Cain says prices have gone up between $.20 and $.30.  She says this should be a temporary issue.

  1. Big Penkquin says:

    And, because another part of the Enbridge pipeline broke, consumers in IL, MI, IN, WI and OH have to pay more for gas…?!?! Hopefully, Enbridge will put the extra money they’ll make into improving their pipeline… (As if… !).

  2. Mark says:

    It has been reported that Embridge claims that the pipeline break in Kalamazoo is unrelated to the break in Romeoville. I don’t know about everyone else but if Embridge owns or controls both pipelines that is the relation. Embridge should be investigated for mismanagement.

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