WWJ-AM’s legendary weathercaster and Hall of Fame broadcaster Sonny Eliot has announced his retirement from broadcasting. Eliot, who has been making Detroiters smile about the weather for years, debuted on CBS RADIO’s all news radio station WWJ Newsradio 950 in 1950.

  1. glen krueger says:

    sonny that is my 6th grade teacher from pleasantview school class of 1966 with you!
    all the best glen krueger

  2. rick says:

    I’ve had a special attachment to Sonny ever since I came to MI in 1970…partly because he had similar facial features of my Dad, but mostly for his wits and wisdom, his jests and everything about him. Truth is, to this day I never watch Gaidica since replacing Sonny in Ch.4. in whatever year it was. Nothing personal against G but that’s how sore I was when he left TV. Later listening to him in WWJ, was a bit of consolation and thank God it’s over WWJ! I always make it a point for my guests from out of state to have them listen to his jokes over the radio in the 1-2 minutes before handing the air over to”the delectable Lady Jane”.

  3. Jon Kilburn says:

    Sonny, I had a crush on my Music Teacher/Choir Director at Woodland Elementary in East Detroit, Miss Annette Gardner, of course she must have been 10 or 15 years younger than me, since she can’t be a year over 39 now !!!. Anyway, I tried not to like you for stealing my love, but you were just too much fun to watch and listen to all of these years.
    I have a copy of our choir picture and a copy of a picture of you and I taken at the Auto Show several years ago. If you would like a copy to show Miss Gardner (sorry … couldn’t help it) you can contact me, and I will get them to WWJ.
    Thanks for all of the years of entertaining and informing us, and thank you for your Service time during WWII.
    Good luck to you and your beautiful wife!

  4. Jim Burns says:

    Sonny..Just heard that you retired. Enjoy your retirement..you certainly deserve it. Thank You for the great weathercasts on both television and radio during my growing up years in Detroit and it was more than a pleasure working with you when I was at WWJ Newsradio 95 during the 1980’s. Take care and all the best from Jim Burns in Washington, D.C.

  5. Stephen Craddick says:

    I grew up in Garden City, MI in the 70’s and always looked forward to watching Sonny Elliot present the weather forecast. His invented words were to die for! For example, if the weather was expected to be snowy and foggy, he would say something like “snoggy.” Thanks for the memorable humor and enjoy your retirement.

  6. George Mullins says:

    I can recall growing up in the Detroit area and living with Sonny’s forecasts, and I am proud to have grown up with Sonny’s knowledge and humor.

    Sonny, you will be missed, my friend.

  7. Bert Mason says:

    Sonny,I worked at WWJ late 70,s early 80,s But Iremember you mostly from TV and Ch. 4. Best of luck and try to take it easy. Go Blue Bert Mason

  8. Bob says:

    Sonny, We moved to the LA area in 1959. But, before our move to California, we lived in Royal Oak. And me and my sister couldn’t go to bed (I think we were from the ages of 4 to 6) until we saw you do your weather forcast on WWJ TV. We always enjoyed watching you. And when I came to Michigan on vacations, I always tuned in WWJ 950 at 4:20 and 5:20 to hear you on the radio.

    Have a great retirement.

    We all love you. And God bless.

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