islamic center No Charges In Mich. Quran Burning Case

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A local group is speaking out after the Ingham County prosecutor announced that no charges will be filed against a man who admitted to burning a Quran and scattering its ashes outside an East Lansing Islamic Center on September 11th.

Dawud Walid, with the Michigan Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, told WWJ he was baffled by Wednesday’s announcement.

“Based upon the nature of the crime, we would think it would be appropriate that some sort of federal hate crime charges would be filed against the gentleman perpetrated this act of intimidation,” Walid said.

” To us it’s no different if a burned cross was found at a black church or if Nazi symbols were found at a Jewish synagogue,” he said.

Walid said if no charges are filed, it will give others the idea that it’s ok to harass and intimidate Muslims at their place of worship.

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  1. F***off says:

    The prosecutor is insane. He’s just pouring fuel on the fire. Do I have the right to burn the bible and trow the ashes in front of each church in the town? Pretty unfortunate!

  2. dekan says:

    I agree that this act should not go unpunished. If this crime rises to the federal hate crime level get the feds involved. The county prosecutor should call in the FBI or other appropriate federal investigators and prosecutors.

  3. Mouhamad says:

    Would this bigitod prosecutor act similarely if his favorite bar menu was burned and the ashes thrown all over the entrance?

    I doubt that very strongly. The prposecutor will likely find it illegal to burn papers becausre they contain traces of some obscure chemicals that may hurt ladybugs during mating season.

    Screw him/her and the people he works with, report to and the people that elected him/her and the party he is a member of.

  4. Cynthia Decker says:

    I don’t condone what this man did. I don’t approve of anyone who burns our American Flag either. But, supposedly these acts are protected by “Freedom of Speech”. I do approve of freedom of speech and think it has been limited by “political correctness.” People are afraid to speak their mind because of threats from other groups. People should be allowed to express their opinion and people with differing opinions can express themselves too. Differing viewpoints can be debated.

  5. Cynthia Decker says:

    You probably do you the right to burn the Bible, or any other book you don’t like. Whether you should throw the remains on any property but your own is questionable. You would have less concern for your safety if you burn the Bible, than the Quran. Your freedom of speech should be protected, but you should not trample on the rights of others in the process.

    1. Mouhamad says:

      Ms. Decker,
      I do not see why the Torah, the Bible or the Qur’an or any other document or a symbol of people pride or statement of faith should be subjected to someone else’s “free speech”.

      I hate to see the Flag burned and I find it to be a sign of under developed thought process. If people are not able to express their speech in a manner that can convey reason to convince others to join their cause, then this is no longer speech and it is “Shouting Fire in a crowded theater”.

      Speech is an expression of thought and not an act of destruction and violence.

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