Six Detroit firefighters who were injured in the line of duty were honored Monday by the Detroit City Council.

Battalion Chief Michael Gallo accepted the Spirit of Detroit Award for his men — the honored firefighters still recovering from their injuries.

“There’s four that were really hurt bad. Those four are the main concern right now, and two of them are out [of the hospital], but one of them has to go back in for more surgery. So, it’s nip and tuck on how long it’s gonna take them to come back,” Gallo said.

Gallo said one of the men may be paralyzed.

“If everybody keeps them in their prayers, God willing, they’ll recover and be able to come back on the job,” he said.

The men were injured when a wall collapsed as they fought a fire at a strip mall on East Jefferson Avenue.

So far, one man has been charged with setting that fire.

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