Police say skeletal remains found near the Kalamazoo River in southwest Michigan belong to an Augusta man who has been missing for more than four years.

Kalamazoo County Sheriff officials say an autopsy of the remains found Sept. 21 in a swampy area in Ross Township determined they belonged to 51-year-old Timothy Gail Butler-Lyons, who walked away from his home on May 23, 2006.

Undersheriff Pali Matyas said foul play is not suspected. The cause of death remains under investigation.

The Kalamazoo Gazette and WWMT-TV say a Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment officer conducting tests along the river found the remains, less than a half mile from the victim’s home.

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  1. Mary Welch says:

    This was my nephew. Someone should check what happened with his girlfriend. I believe she had something to do with his death.

    1. frieda rosell says:

      terry was his last girlfriend for the last 4 years and i do not think she would do any thing, she loved him too much and they had a child together in 2007.

  2. frieda rosell says:

    yjr last time i saw him was on wwmt;s great smoke out that was om film at the Frog bar in augusta, with his girlfriend and her relative. that was in april or may 2010. there are people in august that he worked for but it was none of my business. even of he and terry were bike riding in Urbandale i wouldnot bother them as she was his choice.

  3. frieda rosell says:

    Michael tried to get the FBI on this in 2006, How is Sally holding up and Patty i never met. How much money did he still owe you.

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