Brighton-based Xcend Group, a provider of business intelligence software, Tuesday announced the release of MetriX Real-Time Dashboard version 1.1.0.

This significant update includes a number of new features that afford customers even faster reaction times to the most critical aspects of their IT operations, moving MetriX Real-Time Dashboard to the forefront of business intelligence applications for IT operations.

Among the new features:

* Alerting: Users now have the ability to trigger an automated e-mail or text message to any number of specified users whenever a gauge or dial metric exceeds or drops below a pre-determined threshold.
* Hyperlink Drill-Down: Any metric can be associated with a hyperlink, so that users can drill down to a web page, another dashboard, report, or management console for more in-depth analysis.
* Metric Cloning: Users can save time developing new metrics by cloning the settings of an already- developed metric or dashboard and updating the data source.
* Support for DB2 and Informix Databases: In addition to currently supported data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, and MySQL, MetriX Real-Time Dashboard v1.1.0 supports DB2 and Informix database management systems.
* 64-Bit Compatibility: Full compatibility with Windows XP, 2003, 2008, and Windows 7.
* Enhanced Security Structure: Dashboard identifiers are now generated from globally unique identifiers (GUIDs).

“IT leadership needs to rely on dashboard solutions that will not only let them proactively manage the most critical aspects of IT operations, but also maintain visibility and transparency across the entire organization, addressing all aspects of planning, strategy, architecture, operations and quality assurance,” said Xcend president and CEO Ron Schoenherr. “MetriX Real-Time Dashboard v1.1.0 enables CIOs and IT directors and administrators to establish thresholds and criteria to effectively measure IT’s Key Performance Indicators at all levels.”

For a full listing of new features available in MetriX Real-Time Dashboard v1.1.0, to schedule a live demonstration, or to download a trial version, please visit

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