A big casino winner who tried to avoid declaring winnings as he passed through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel may catch a lucky break.

Federal officials say the unidentified high-roller from the Detroit suburb of Birmingham could get most of his $19,901 winnings back since he obtained the cash legally.

Border agents seized the money Monday after the man and his passenger broke it up in an attempt to avoid a rule requiring travelers to declare if they are carrying $10,000 in cash. They carried $9,400 and $9,500 respectively.

The man later admitted he won $40,000 at a Windsor, Ont., casino, where he deposited $20,000 and split the rest with his passenger.

Chief Customs and Border Protection Officer Ronald Smith tells The Detroit News the man faces a fine.

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  1. Christiaan Scott says:

    Talk about GREED!
    This character won this $$$ in Canada and intentionally made his best effort to avoid paying the taxes on $$$ that he did not have when he went to Canada. So what does he lose? Absolutely nothing since he arrived in Canada with out that loot.
    How do I when I go to the Windsor Casino and win – or even lose, I pay the taxes or get questioned like an “insurgent” of why I lost? It can not be just from he is a resident of the affluent city of Birmingham, or is it? This arrogant greedy guy falls into the demographic group of a not-so-patriotic and obnoxious American!

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