In this Sept. 7, 2010 file photo, Andrew Shirvell speaks at a Michigan Student Assembly meeting in Ann Arbor, Mich. (AP Photo/ The Michigan Daily, Marissa McClain)

Andrew Shirvell, the Michigan assistant attorney general who has come under fire for his controversial blog, has been officially fired.

Shirvell’s attorney Phillip Thomas said that when he showed up for a continuation of Friday’s disciplinary hearing, his client was read a one-sentence memo.

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According to Thomas, the memo said that as a result of Shirvell’s conduct, it has become impossible for him to carry out his duties as an assistant AG.

Chris Armstrong (AP Photo/The Michigan Daily, Sam Wolson, File)

Shirvell has been on leave since it came to light that he wrote a blog in which he characterized Chris Armstrong, University of Michigan Student Assembly president, as a racist liar who promoted a “homosexual agenda.” Thomas has said Shirvell’s actions were constitutionally protected as free speech; Armstrong said it was harassment.

Thomas said his client didn’t write those things anymore once the firestorm began.

“He stopped saying them back when he realized that there could be some ramifications for his job,” Thomas said.

Thomas calls the firing a “tragedy” and says calls for his dismissal really picked up steam after an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

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“You know, that Jon Stewart show aired on November 1st. I believe that was last Monday. And, that was a tragedy because, from our perspective, we had kept Andrew out of the media, he hadn’t had any media contact. We were dealing with his legal issues,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he wasn’t sure if Shrivell would appeal his firing.

Armstrong’s lawyer, Deborah Gordon, wants a complete retraction of what she calls “malicious lies and fabrications” and a public apology from Shirvell.

She tell WWJ this issue doesn’t end with Shirvell’s termination.

“We’re going to pursue our claim that Mr. Shirvell should not be licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan. We have filed grievances against him with the State Bar of Michigan, and we are looking at other legal options as well, with regard to possible claims, but no decisions have been made on that yet,” Gordon said.

The attorney general’s office is declining immediate comment.

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