(WWJ Photo/Vickie Thomas)

High school musicians in Detroit have something to celebrate following an announcement that the city’s All City High School Marching Band will be revived by the second largest donation to Detroit Public Schools –$500,000 over five years.

Linda Burtwistle president of First Student Transportation made the announcement at the Detroit School of Arts. She believes the program will benefit many students.

“I think it’s wonderful for the kids to be able to develop their skills and talents outside of the classroom. I think it’s all of our responsibility to help that happen,” Burtwistle said.

Robert Bobb, the emergency financial manager of DPS, is excited for musical talents to emerge as well.

“One thing that Detroit is noted for is its outstanding performing arts, particularly we’ve had some of the top musicians and singers in the country, and we have some very top musicians in Detroit Public Schools,” Bobb said.

But he is also looking beyond just the potential of musical development, adding “When you have a citywide band, where kids have to compete and have a certain GPA average to be in the citywide band, it means that it enhances their academics overall.”

Detroit has been without its citywide band since funding dried up in 2003, and has been trying to raise funding to reestablish the band over the course of the year.

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