WWJ’s Marie Osborne reports from China where she’s traveling with a Wayne County trade delegation.

china 1 No Rice, No Egg Roll, No Fortune CookieThat’s REAL Peking duck you are looking at. Slow roasted for hours in special ovens. At most of the delegation lunches and dinners, dozens of plates are served with delicious food. But you will NOT find rice, egg rolls or fortune cookies anywhere. The drinking water is served warm, not room temperature, warm.

We had some precious time off Saturday evening and we had the opportunity to visit the market in Shanghai.

If you listen to WWJ today you’ll hear about the haggling that goes into agreeing on the price of anything. Yes, you can buy a mans shirt for $10(100% cotton) and $8 for a silk tie. This lovely young lady looks sweet an innocent…but she drives a hard bargain.

china 2 No Rice, No Egg Roll, No Fortune CookieThe shops are located below ground in the new area of Shanghai and there are HUNDREDS of vendors here who make a living selling to tourists.

china 3 No Rice, No Egg Roll, No Fortune CookieThere’s a list of prohibited items that can’t be sold here…..look closely at the list below.

china 4 No Rice, No Egg Roll, No Fortune CookieLet’s just say “don’t ask-don’t tell”.

The sign below hangs in one of the four star hotels in Nanjing where the delegation will spend one night.

Yes, the sign hangs INSIDE the building.

china 5 No Rice, No Egg Roll, No Fortune Cookie

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Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is leading the 26-member Michigan group, which began an eight-day schedule Friday. Private funds are paying for the trip. Ficano’s office said the group will meet with Chinese government officials, an electric carmaker, trade associations and others during their visit to four cities.

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