WWJ’s Marie Osborne reports from China where she’s traveling with a Wayne County trade delegation.

Today the delegation was formally greeted by the Mayor of Nanjing China. Here he is seated to the right of Robert Ficano. It seems that every meeting with the delegation here in China involves a formality first, dinner second, toasts third and then business. 160 Chinese business people gathered at the Xinjiekou confrence center to meet this delegation.

This is Sam Ellehaf, the president of Royal Furniture in Dearborn. He wants to set up a trade agreement with a Chinese furniture manufacturer to import goods.

This is Nick Salowich with Hamilton Anderson Inc. He’s talking here with a Chinese company wishing to see more of his firms architectural work for a possible agreement. Nick’s company already does work in China with all of the engeneering work being done in Detroit.

You can hear both Sam and Nicks story on WWJ Newsradio 950 today.

The delegation toured the Nanjing Massacre Museum today. 300 thousand Chinese were killed in a six week period between 1937 and 1938 by the Japanese. Next we visited a brocade factory where they still do all of the fabric by hand on ancient looms.

Finally, What’s for lunch?

This is how many Chinese eat their breakfast and lunch. On the go from street vendors like this one.

Greetings from Nanjing!

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is leading the 26-member Michigan group, which began an eight-day schedule Friday. Private funds are paying for the trip. Ficano’s office said the group will meet with Chinese government officials, an electric carmaker, trade associations and others during their visit to four cities.
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  1. mawe says:

    I didn’t notice any pictures of workers in the Wayne County office in China. There were no stories about the cost of running this office, who works there, where the money came from to go on the vacation, and if it is from a nonprofit organization related to Robert Ficano which has donations from county contractors and so on. Instead its a public relations campaign for Robert Ficano because he looked bad on the Channel 7 report.

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