They did it as a prank. Now, two Detroit teens are in big trouble for throwing rocks and pieces of concrete through the windows of three city buses.

Detroit Police say the Detroit Department of Transportation buses were hit Monday night on Detroit’s west side. Police say two boys, one 17, the other 16, threw the bricks and rocks at the buses near Dexter and Joy Road.

Both teens fled the scene but were later caught, after one of the bus drivers got a description of the teens, and called 9-1-1.

All three buses were damaged. The passengers included parents and young children from a nearby daycare center.

None of the passengers were injured, despite all the shattered glass.

The two teens could have a lengthy prison sentence, if they’re charged and convicted of destroying city property.

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  1. Jim says:

    Maybe Fieger can get these jackasses off because the buses threw the bricks at themselves while these fine, upstanding citizens were just passing by. Come on Detroit, rid the city of your scum.

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