The Monday after Thanksgiving is now known as Cyber Monday, a very busy day for shopping on the Internet. And even though shopping on the Internet means avoiding crowds, it also opens the buyer up to attacks from scammers and hackers.

So are you staying safe?

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WWJ and Fox 2 Business Editor Murray Feldman says know your sites well.

“Cyber Monday is really not the time to investigate them. You should investigate them before Cyber Monday, and really stay off of new sites that you haven’t heard about or that you don’t know. And you should do that for your security of course,” said Feldman.

Feldman says the Better Business Bureau advises shoppers to make sure their sites are secure.

“A lot of people are just so busy hitting so many sites that they fail to look in the address box for the “s” after the “http.” It should be “https.” And also in the lower right corner of the screen, the lock symbol. Make sure that that’s there before paying,” said Feldman.

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Another major tip to keeping safe when shopping: “Check your credit card statements often. Don’t wait for the paper statements to come. The Better Business Bureau says they see it all the time that sometimes there’s some phishing or phony business going on. Somewhere along the line of these online purchases,” said Feldman.

And the Better Business Bureau recommends that you check your credit card statement for suspicious activity by either calling the credit card company or checking the statements online regularly.”

Meantime, if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, when’s the best time to buy one? According to, this coming Tuesday is the best day of the month to pick out a new set of wheels.

The website has numerous examples of manufacturer’s suggested price of vehicles and the discounted price available on Tuesday.

We get more online shopping safety tips from personal finance writer Stacey Bradford:

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