Online Tech Inc., an Ann Arbor data center operator, said last week that it is giving its clients a competitive advantage by providing a PCI compliant private cloud.

OT Private Cloud is Online Tech’s managed private cloud hosting service. It combines the resource flexibility of cloud computing with the security of private servers, storage, and network dedicated exclusively to each client.

And, Online Tech says, unlike Amazon’s EC2 or Microsoft’s Azure public clouds, OT Private Cloud meets PCI, HIPAA, and SOX compliance standards.

Online Tech says the benefits of outsourced private cloud computing for e-commerce companies include the flexibility to respond to customer demand, physical and network security needed to meet PCI compliance, and the freedom to focus on product development and delivery instead of server management.

“One of the PCI compliant requirements is that every server needs to perform one function and one function only,” said Tom Numbere Jr. of PCG Technology Services in Chicago. “This is one of the reasons it can be very expensive to become PCI compliant. Online Tech presented a great way to lower our costs by virtualizing the server environment.”

It may seem ironic that none of the clients using Online Tech’s OT Private Cloud were originally looking for cloud hosting. Online Tech’s private cloud computing clients share a need for affordable, highly scalable, SAS 70 compliant hosting environments with robust IT disaster recovery. When they compared traditional server and public cloud options with Online Tech’s private cloud hosting service, OT Private Cloud proved the best fit for their business requirements.

Pay-Ease, a Chicago-based billing processing company, was able to reduce its costs and expand quickly with OT Private Cloud.

“It puts us in a very competitive position when bidding on projects,” said Pay-Ease president and fuonder Dean Scaros, “We are able to utilize a virtual cloud environment and still be in a secure SAS 70 certified, PCI compliant environment.”
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