A native of Mexico who has lived in Detroit for 20 years had faced deportation as soon as this week. But Immigrations and Custom Enforcement granted a three-month extension after intervention by Congressman John Conyers, along with a group of protesters outside the immigration building in Detroit Monday morning.

Celene Hernandez ,would have been separated from her American-born children, one of which has cerebral palsy. She tells WWJ’s Ron Dewey her child would not have been able to get treatment back in Mexico.

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“It’s impossible to get treatment in Mexico, I want to stay here with my son to take care.”

Her immigration attorney Albert Valk says Congressman John Conyers’ involvement made the difference. He is introducing a private bill on her behalf to take her hardship into account and stop the deportation process. Valk says such private bills are quite rare.

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“It means she will never have to come back here,” he said, pointing to the Immigration office at Mt. Elliot and Jefferson.

For Hernandez, it means keeping her family together. She hopes her case will show why there’s a need for immigration reform.

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“It’s my Christmas present!”