A recount is underway in a Detroit School Board race.

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers is recounting votes in the fifth district which is where board president Anthony Adams won with a write-in campaign.  Thirteen candidates campaigned for the job. In one precinct where 82 people voted, only one write in candidate received a vote. 

Current school board president Anthony Adams won the District 5 race, but as a result of this recount it could be a race for anyone to win now. All 13 people vying for the seat were write-in candidates, but apparently election workers did not register which candidate received the vote. Candidate Herman Davis requested the recount saying nearly five thousand votes were not matched up with the candidate.

“What has probably happened here is the people (voters) wrote in the name of the candidate and circled it, and the machine would pick up that circle, but if the precinct workers did not record the write-in candidate, then it was listed as a zero.” Davis said.