What to expect from certain people’s clothing line…
10. What to expect from other clothing lines? idk but Charles Barkleys clothing line will be turrible.Trail
9.N suh line of horse collars his best seller the sjp dave in chesterfield
8. Merton Hanks’ turtleneck sweaters. Harold
7. Joe Cullen’s clothing line will be 100 percent off. -Frank, Novi
6. Cromartie has a clothing line only for kids aged 3. keith clinton
5. Ed Hochule will release a thermal zebra striped uni that covers everything but his biceps. Dan in Warren
4. The clothes from Marian Hossa’s clothing line tend to fade by May. From Joe in Livonia
3. Joe Cullen’s clothing line consists of a flask of whiskey and a Wendy’s bag – Ryan , Canton
2. Barry sanders will open his own line of clothing which can only be bought by faxing in your order. – Josh
1. The big ten will market a line of clothes with no market research. Everyone will hate them. – UNT