Things less expected then Rich Rod being fired:

10. It’s expected that Gator will laugh at some point at the word “Rod”, but not quite as expected as Rich “Rod’s” firing – Jeremiah D. Hoehner

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9. Someone doing a Caddy shack Reference during a golf outing – Cory

8. Gator will laugh whenever Doug mention right now the name of Penn State’s QB, McGloin – Jay

7. Doug’s Ice Rink would suck, and he would blame it on the weather – Jim

6. Chuck Norris testing positive for being awesome – Frydorov

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5. Expecting Gator to laugh when a friend says, “I’m getting my cocker spaniel’s fur trimmed.” -Amado-

4. The Sunrise – Greg

3. You expect that the square root of 69 is 8 something – Jim

2. Seeing a truck in Kentucky with a naked lady silhouette mud flaps – Scott

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1. What is expected that you will be able to find Terrelle Pryor’s Sugar bowl MVP trophy on EBay – Reggie