Text messages could prove to be the wave of the future in healthcare. Wayne State researchers are looking into it when it comes to helping Detroiters with uncontrolled hypertension. Assistant professor of nursing in the College of Nursing, Dr. Lorraine Buis, says African-Americans are more susceptible to high blood pressure than non-Hispanic white Americans.

In a two phase study, researchers will develop a text message alert system for Detroit area African Americans with uncontrolled high blood pressure.  It’ll remind those in the high risk population to take their medicine.

Buis says, ” We’re going to look to see how did the use of the system impact their medication adherence and secondarily, how did it impact their blood pressure.”

Buis says they are seeing an explosion of text message systems for healthcare in the past few years. Wayne State received a nearly 300-thousand dollar grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for the study.