Participants in the early-adopter “Test Pilot” program from Ann Arbor-based Current Motor Co. will have the unique ability to offer real-time, public feedback on every aspect of the company’s electric vehicles. 

In exchange for preferential pricing, Test Pilots will help the company, a startup that has developed a practical, inexpensive electric motor scooter, improve its product performance and design. 

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“Our Test Pilot program is a completely unique, transparent way for Current Motor to receive critical feedback that will help us ramp up performance and quality quickly,” explained Lauren Flanagan, board chair and investor. “Current Motor is an early stage manufacturing company; we’re smart enough to know we aren’t perfect and don’t have the resources to go through multiple, costly iterations to achieve that perfection. We’re offering white glove service to our customers and we’re prepared to throw down a glove and share the good, bad and ugly in our quest to build the best value EVs in the world. We also hope to set a new standard for openness and truth in advertising in the electric scooter market.”

Added former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz, Current Motor advisory board chair and investor: “Any product goes through an iterative set of improvements over its life, and, given the pace at which new products evolve, many of these improvements take place early on. Rather than penalize our early adopters, we want to recognize that they are our most important customers; the Test Pilot program helps us achieve our mission to deliver the best performing and best value electric scooter to the market.”

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Test Pilots will receive a $2,000 discount on Current Motor’s EVs. Test Pilots will also be eligible for preferential pricing on Current Motor’s second generation EVs, expected to hit the market in mid-2012.

Participation in the Test Pilot program requires that Current Motor customers agree to provide public feedback on a monthly basis for 12 months, although customers are encouraged to provide input as often as they like. Feedback from Current Motor’s Test Pilots will be delivered via Facebook, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, and the company’s blog. 

Current Motor develops and manufactures electric motor scooters that charge from a standard 110V household outlet in four to six hours at a cost of one cent per mile. Certified by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, Current Motor EVs meet all Department of Transportation standards, and use no gas, produce no emissions and create no maintenance hassles. The bikes offer top speeds over 65 MPH and a range of up to 50 miles.

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